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Yangon, considered as the "Garden City of East" is the gateway to Myanmar. Adorned with shaddy parks, idyllic lakes and green tropical vegetation.

Some Highlights:

Shwedagon Pagoda, over 2500 years old, not-to-be-missed attraction of Yangon & known as the world famous golden stupa for its religious significance and artistic beauty. Originally 8.2 metres tall, now it stands close to 100 metres in all its glory trough successive renovations by Myanmar monarchs.

National Museum, the Mandalay Regglia - the majestic Lion Throne of the last Myanmar King takes center stage among the museum's collection of historical, ethnological and archaeological exhibits, tracing the early history of this famed ancient region.

Bogyoke Aung San (Scott) Market, a haven for souvenir hunters, is worth a wander with its wide and diverse range of goods from groceries to handicrafts, and antiques to the latest wear. 



Shwemawdaw Pagoda, one of the most venerated pagodas in Myanmar, enshrined with two Buddha's sacred hairs.

Shwethalyaung Image, 55 metres long & 16 metres high, is the most life like of Reclining Buddha images in Myanmar.

Kyaikpun Pagoda, four high & huge Buddha images facing back four different directions to a brick pillar. 



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Pyay, located about 285 kilometres north-west of Yangon and its major attractions are Shwesandaw Pagoda and the gigantic Buddha image of Hsehtagyi Pagoda. 

Thayekhittaya (Sriksetra), an ancient capital of Pyu Kingdom, flourished between the 5th & 9th century is located about 8 kilometre south-east of Pyay and its major attractions are the old palace site, Bawbawgyi Pagoda & archaeological museum. 



Ananda Temple, an architectural masterpiece resembling a Greek Cross.

Shwezigon Pagoda, the prototype of later Myanmar pagodas.

Kyansittha Umin, a tunnel with an interesting feature of paintings.

Thatbyinnyu Temple, over 66 metres is built by King Alaungsithu in the middle of the 12th century, is the highest of Bagan temples.

Mount Popa, an extinct volcano, located about 65 kilonetres southeast of Bagan is famed as the abode of the Spirit Gods. 



Kuthodaw Pagoda, known as the world's Biggest Book for its stone slabs of Buddhist scriptures.

Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, a large Buddha image carved out of a single block of marble.

Shwenandaw Monastery, noted for its exquisite wood carvings.

Mingun, located about 11 kilometeres up stream on the western bank of the Ayeyarwaddy, has the 90 tons Mingun Bell, the largest ringing bell in the world & a gigantic unfinished pagoda. 


Ngapali Beach 

Ngapali Beach named after Naples of Italy is unique, unspoiled silvery beach with the coast of 25 miles along with long line up Palm trees. In 18th century, an Italian Municipal Engineer visited there, and after his return the unspoiled virgin beach was called Ngapali from that time onwards. 



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Chaungtha Beach 

Chaung-tha beach is located 40 km to the west of Pathein ( Bassein) in Ayeyarwady Division. A regular double-decker boat leaves Yangon about 4 pm every evening and reaches Pathein early in the next day and bus drive from Pathein to Chaung-tha takes about 2 hours. It is also reached by road from Yangon via Pathein taking about 5 hours.


Ngwesaung Beach 

Ngwe Saung Beach Myanmar’s latest beach resort having the longest shore - 9 miles. It is located 29 miles from Pathein Capital of Ayeyarwaddy Devision. One can suddenly enjoy upon the open crescent beach a breath taking vista a blue sea rolling waves and white sand. This long beach lies between the Bay of Bengal with its unforgetable views at sunset and the Rakkhine Mountain Range with the evergreen rain forest on its slopes. 



The Capital of Mon State scramble with old and new houses, viewing with beautiful scene the hill top is the last destination of Myanmar Railway. It is located on the bank of Thanlwin (Salween) River 270 Km south east of Yangon. Taking ferry boat for an hour from Moattama will be pleasant voyage for visitors. A hilly ridge above the city offers panoramic views over the harbor and the beautiful countryside. The ridge is topped with monasteries and shrines. Walk along Strand Road for a glimpse of the impressive Kaladan Mosque, built during the colonial era where the old Indians settle to work for the British in Mawlamyine(formally Moulmein). It was the capital of British Burma, after the first Anglo-Burmese War 1287 AD. 



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Mrauk U 

Mrauk-U, the ancient City of Rakhine Kingdom ( 15th Century), is known for its old temples with paintingsof Indian cultural influence. It is reached by boat along Kalatan River from Sittwe ( Akyab), the capital of Rakhing State. A boat trip takes about 5 hours.

The high-lights of MraukU are the massive Shitthaung-paya a curiously remarkable temple with countless Buddha Images and relief, the fortress-like passages; an octagonal temple Andaw-thein with its unique stone carvings Archaeological Museum.

Eight kilo-meters to the north of Mrauk-U are Wethali. another ancient capital (8th to 10th centuries A.D.) There is one more ancient capital called Dan-nya-wad-di which is about 22 km to the north of We-tha-li. 



The small border town in the eastern part of Myanmar is one of the most importants for Myanmar people to day return working in Mae Sai (Northern Thailand). For the clients having border pass visa who have not enough time to visit main land of Myanmar should come to Tachileik from Thailand and explore the ethnic minorities such as Shan, Kachin, and Wa tribals.


Kyaington (formally Keng tong) is one of the most scenic towns in Shan state, special place for Hill tribe lovers. You can fly from Heho or Yangon as well as border-pass from Maisai (Thainland). You will explore many tribal people, and ethnic minorities at their local market or at the village. Tribal people nearby villages are Akha, Akhi, Lahu, Wa, Ann, Lahu, Lisu living with traditional and cultural style.



The mountainous regions around Lashio, an important trading center, can be reached by train or road from Mandalay. Just imagine a train-ride on shaking Gonteik Viaduct without any support pile in the middle connecting the two tops of mountains. Attractions here include beautiful scenery and hot springs, as well as the local market where you will study the daily life of the people nearby.


On the road to Lashio, Kyaukme and Hispaw are neighboring towns in the Northeren Shan State. Taking train from Mandalay or Pyinoolwin will have to pass over the shaking Gonteik Viaduct, Picturesque and unique styles of Shan and Burmese architecture. The Bawgyo Pagoda, Aungzedhi Monastery, Old villa of Prince Hsipaw and the town markets are popular sites to visit. Trekking to Palaung(Golden Paluang), and Shan Villages attract the Nature and Culture lovers.
A Hidden Treasure In The Deepest Area Of Shan State 


Taunggy, the capital city of Shan State in the eastern part of Myanmar, is know for its scenic beauty and pleasant climate. The weather is cool all the year round and the area is colorful with lovely flowers, pine trees and green orchard. Being situated over 1400 meters above sea-level, Taunggyi is ideal for holiday-makers during the summer time.


Kakku Pagoda 

Kakku Pagoda, a hidden treasure and unusual, magnificent collections of Buddhist Stupa unheard of Historians lays in the deepest Pa-oh territory, 26 miles south of Taungyi, the Capital of Shan State. More than two thousand Stupas (Chettias) are packed in ranks covering an area of approximately a square Kilometer apparently unknown to outside world. Pa-oh people near and far usually flocks to this religious complex with hundreds of bullock carts to participate the annual pagoda festival that holds in the mid of March (Harvest Festival). The Kakku pagoda festival also draws thousand of pilgrims from all part of the Shan State. 


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